Growing Stronger Together: Easley Is on the Rise

An Upstate city committed to continuing the progress for future generations

Growing Stronger Together: Easley Is on the Rise

An Upstate city committed to continuing the progress for future generations

“Officials work to maintain quality of life in the Upstate as census reveals population surge”

Easley is a popular new place to live, and the town is growing rapidly. As a result, the demand for housing is high. The town is working to address this issue by developing new housing options, including affordable housing options for middle-/working- class workers people and their families.”

— Greenville Chamber of Commerce CEO Carlos Phillips

Working to meet the challenge of success

Easley officials are creating new residential options — with an emphasis on affordability and accessibility — to accommodate middle-class families and workers who are drawn to the town’s welcoming atmosphere and safe neighborhoods. The city is actively responding to the influx of newcomers by developing fresh housing solutions for families that want to move here and help strengthen our community but are currently priced out of the market.

We need to ensure that increasing housing options remains a priority in Easley for the people who want to help strengthen our community by living here, working here, and raising their family here.

Gaining Momentum: Easley Harmonizes Economic Expansion with Community Well-Being

Gross retail sales have increased from $950.5 million to $1.1 billion — a $150 million increase in five years

Easley’s leaders are working to foster development while preserving the town’s quality of life. Officials are developing new living options, with a focus on affordable housing solutions for everyone. This path is key to continuing Easley’s economic success. Without housing options to meet the needs of the community, our workers will have to live elsewhere. Our leaders understand this and are working to address the housing shortage issues.

Easley Officials Work to Address Wage Growth vs. Affordable Housing

Projected Population Growth in Easley

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Easley is a great place to live. Our town has a lot to offer its residents, including a variety of amenities for children, families, and seniors. We have several parks, a library, a community center, and a variety of shopping and dining options. The town is also home to a variety of schools for children of all ages, including a public high school, a public middle school, as well as private schools.

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Easley is emerging as the new destination for workers and families in the Upstate region. Let’s keep our town thriving for years to come!

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